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Samantha Herman Stroud

Uncovering Birth Doula

Holistic Rebirth Doula

Yoga Teacher

Samantha is an honest, kind, loving soul who sees life poetically, with meaning in everything. She in-joys the deep dive into the self. Though not easy, Samantha feels it is well worth it to find your way back to your whole, centered Being. Samantha knows that you are capable of much more than meets the eye, and is here to guide you to remember this within yourself. In doing so, she feels you can connect deeper to your mind, body, and soul, in turn connecting deeper to others as well. So many things in life shift you away from who you truly are at your core, and there is great importance and reward in shifting back to your center. She feels this is the key to healing our society, and is willing to guide anyone whom is willing to put the work in.

In the birth space, she feels that doing the work before baby is here allows baby to be programmed with their highest potential, and much less ick to sort through. Whether pre-conception, pre-natal, postpartum, or any point in life, we have traumas that have shifted us to act and react in certain ways - many that can be pinpointed back to the birth space. Through modalities of healing such as movement, meditation, connection with nature, yoga, nutrition, knowledge of truth, voice/sound work, Thai body work, etc., Samantha will guide you to bring yourself back to a state of peace and contentment. To truly heal and stand in your full potential you must choose to do it yourself.


You are the only one coming to save you.


Always in all ways much love to you.

I have done several sessions of Yin yoga practice and one biofield tuning session with Samantha. She has graciously customized Yin sessions based on my needs at the time. Everything is explained so thoroughly that I've never had a "wait, what am I supposed to be doing?" moment in her class like I've had in others. The biofield tuning session left me with a deep appreciation for the relationships in my life and an understanding of what I need to heal from my past. I leave every session with Samantha feeling loved completely and at peace. She is a talented healer and teacher, but above all she is a beautiful soul. I'm honored to share space with her.

McKenzie H., FL

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