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Inlightin Dyes

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Do you ever notice the animals that show themselves to you? have you ever thought about the fact that they are in your experience to share a lesson/reflection with you?

Tree frog comes to share lessons of transformation, prosperity, fertility and potential.

This guy in particular is a Cuban Tree Frog, here in FL they are an Invasive species.. (kind of like us northerners).

The osprey shares the lessons of being goal oriented, having blind faith in your ability to achieve greatness, finding inner peace, and living harmoniously with life.

Osprey are Travelers who like to be by the water. birds of land and sea, usually flying south for winter.

This osprey and the others I have seen are with their families, in large nests. interestingly enough they are birds who mate for life, at times traveling together, and at others they explore on their own.


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