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Inlightin Dyes

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Pulling from the voyager tarot deck:

First pull: Nurturing: 3 of Worlds

-Nurture like the mother, with tender loving care. offer help and support to others, your persistence and patience have brought you here, continue these practices in business and responsibilities. your harvest is close by, keep tending to these practices to insure success.

Second pull: Reward: 10 of Worlds

-Life has turned in your favor, you are being rewarded for work well done. Reward yourself and others, continue to follow your heart and what guides you to insure success continues. "your profits and prosperity live in your dreams and visions. Go for them."

Trust & Love. Know you are being divinely guided! Listen to your body, when you're in alignment you can feel it, when you are out of alignment, you can feel it. Sometimes it is a challenge to stay in alignment with your soul'f, as long as you listen to your body, mind and soul, you will achieve great things. keep your dreams and visions big, only you can set your bar. make it high and reach for the sky!


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