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Inlightin Dyes

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As I sit here and set my intentions for the day, asking for guidance from the spirits around using my Vision Quest Tarot Cards, I have been guided to share some guidance with you!

How can I shine my light best today?

Father Of Air- "Mental Strength - Intelligence - Clear Thinking - Astuteness - Focused Intention - Decisiveness - Quick witted Intellect - Sometimes Being Caught Up in The Head"

Trust in the knowledge of your own heart. by doing so you can clear up many issues that may be continuing to get in your way. Use your strengths to help you on your path, by helping others, instead of outwitting them for your own gain, you soar to new heights. Know that through love, through our hearts is how we come together and grow.

always, in All Ways Love,


Samantha Stroud


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