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Friday, July 21, 2022

This week has been a week of growth! Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, spiritually.

for one, my body is expanding, changing, and growing with baby. while I have also felt called to be doing much more movement.

Little Bump

All at the same time I have been moving through mental blocks that I had not been fully aware of. As i step into motherhood there is a new sense of knowing who I am, and my place in this world. Before I had been dealing with an imposter syndrome, thinking how could i be a teacher, Doula, or mentor, even though that is where I have been feeling called. I am in a space now where I know I am here to guide others in these ways. I have no hesitation moving forward creating schedules and meetings with others, knowing my worth and the value i offer. I have done so much learning and growing on my own that i know i am ready. So, forward i step, moving out into the world to share what my purpose here is.

These journals have been huge in the steppingstones to getting me to my expanding and sharing. I have begun to place more focus on how I want to come across and what do I want to share, as well as what/how I don't want to share. I came to the realization that when I was young, even in birth, there was programming created that made my soul feel as if it was not ready, not good enough. these have carried with me long enough and I realize they are stories. Stories I can close finish, while stepping forward into a new book. One of my conscious creation and choosing. In this story, i offer what i have learned without fear, without judging myself, knowing that those who seek my teachings, are those I come across. As well as those i seek teaching from, are those who come to me as well. everyone has a learning and a teaching. we are all here for each other's growth. it is the realization of this that moves us forward.

The past few days i have been staying at my great aunt's house. it is so homey here, i love spending time with her sweet pup, Patch, and do miss Pepe whom recently passed. Dogs are way different than cats, and bring a whole different level of love. I am grateful to have both here (we bring Tico along), and see how the two interact and get along. Especially because Travis has been talking about getting a dog.

On Wednesday, i had my first official Beach Yoga class, and will continue to do this weekly. It was wonderful. I am grateful for the support of my friends, showing up for my first class. Afterward we played and witnessed a beautiful sunset, then went on our way.

Yesterday, I had a fabulous flow in the rising, 9:30, when I plan to teach an early class. i am feeling into the depths of my practice, feeling full expansion! Then, at the house, I made a tea blend from the garden, lemongrass, Marigold, Soursop, and mullein. It is delicious! Cracked open some coconuts, drank and shared the water, and then toasted the coconut. YUM!

Travis fixed up some things around the house, caulk spots where we had some unwanted visitors coming in. we then went to the grocery store, Seed to table, and got a bunch of good food for our stay. As we were leaving, they had pumpkin pie samples, Travis' favorite (last year i made him one because nowhere had them made), it was a sign to grab one for his birthday on Saturday! Headed back to Jeannie's and had a delicious meal and a movie night (since we don't have TV at home, we like movie nights while we are here).

Today has been a very relaxing day! hanging with the pup and Tico, doing a good amount of reading, and meditating. I took a little nap and rose to the sound of my grandpa's voice, telling me to, "come back here!" in a kind, yet stern voice. Being at my aunts, I often feel my grandpa, her brother, I guess I had napped long enough, and it was time to get back to work. I filed for my tax ID and did some more work for the business. Stuff that needs to be done, and easier here where I have Wi-Fi.

Life has been really good! I look forward to what is to come, yet I stay present in each moment. Love to you all, thanks for being with me on my journey!



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