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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Typing this under the beautiful Full Moon, it has been quite a day.

For Starters, a Suga Update. He is healing so quickly; it is truly amazing. He has been putting weight on his leg and seems to be pain free (without pain management drugs)! Yesterday, we tried to get him one of the inflatable donut collars to replace his cone... he disliked it even more than the cone, popped it off so fast, and just as quickly we put the cone right back. At least now he seems less annoyed with the cone. He is back to his playful, snuggly self. Travis, Tico and I are so happy about it!

Today, I drove my momma and her friends to the airport. they seemed to have a great time while here, and even with our crazy week, we got to spend a nice amount of time with them.

Last night, we went to dinner with them and met the guy who does all of the fire flow recruiting for the JW Marriot here on the island. Someone we had been seeking to meet for about a year now.

i thought this was an amazing sign from god that it was our time to jump into these performances. Travis was excited a first, then it didnt seem to land well.

today, he continued on a job search and i was wondering why after our conversations with this man.

there was much more to this. Diving in, this was the test of heart. With this opportunity being offered, Travis was then struck with the true opportunity laying ahead of us. To dive into this performer life, or to head back to MD to be with family. To focus on the start of our own family, while being close to the majority of our extended family.

This being said, we sat together for a while and toyed with the idea of moving before baby comes.

In our hearts, we know this is the best option.

We have My Grandma, Great Aunt, and a solid group of friends here in FL. We will miss them dearly, and we know that we are doing what is best for us and baby.

we will be back to visit, and hopefully be visited by these loved ones.

Florida has been so great to us.

And we are excited for adventures to come in MD.

So much love to all of you<3

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