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Sunday, August 20, 2023

We have been blessed with a new friend. Such perfect timing with this sweet kitty. He is 6 weeks old, fully weaned from his momma, eating good food(tuna, bone broth, couple bites of chicken) and drinking raw milk and water. Him and Tico had some hissy fits yesterday, 2 to be exact, one started by each of them.

Last night, I had little Suga Snugs in my arm, surrounded by pillows so he wouldn't roll. Tico made his way over and slept on the pillow right by little Suga. After that, I think his dominance was asserted and Tico feels that he is seen, that he is here too and I am also his mommy.

Then today, they have been sniffing each other's faces nice and easy. They will be fast friends! I look forward to them snuggling and cleaning one another.

He is the snuggliest of kitties ever! His momma must have given him really good love, because he loves the love! I know he gets it from his new mommy and daddy!

It is so funny, he is so meowy and Tico barely ever meows. I guess now that I think about it, orange cats are talkers. Growing up I had one of the coolest cats, Tink, an orange manx kitty. He was a talker, he was also really smart, and had tons of personality! This little guy is already well on his way to that.

Some lessons are coming through, like really slowing down, and spending more introspective time. Which I have been adding more to my day, this just instills it. Also, the love that is needed, that I choose to show to little kitty, while also sharing time and love with Tico. It all brings me back to the tuning in to baby. Making sure to stay connected to baby consciously throughout each day, always checking in on how baby is doing.

Btw. Baby is doing great 🤗, and I feel great! Together we are really growing!! .... When we decided to get a baby kitty, we had talked about getting a girl. Had thought this little boy was a girl, and then when I double checked, he turned it to be a he. I take this as a sign of baby boy coming. I am too be surrounded by boys, and in that is my need to create time for women to gather, which I have been called too. Leading a womens circle. Probably an in person, and an online one. I even had a dream about it a few days ago. Let me know if you have any interest! This is calling to women of all ages, it is so important to be able to share knowledge generationally. It is also important to set time for the sacred bond of women, here we connect to all women whom have ever existed. It will be great fun, and full of feel good moments, as well as a place to open up and share what we need to.

Here's to another great week!

All love,


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